Supplier Spotlight - Franjos Kitchen

Written by Katie Speirs

A staple recommendation from mum to mum across Australia when it comes to lactation cookies that also happen to be incredibly yummy!

Franjos Kitchen sees food as nature’s medicine and have formulated a range of natural ingredients to create delicious and nutritious snacks specifically for mamas and mamas-to-be

Franjo’s kitchen started with two first time mamas supporting each other. It was a chance meeting at the traffic lights while out walking their bubbas that they struck up a conversation. This conversation led to a wonderful friendship. Jo was running her own naturopathy business at the time and had a range of healthy cookies. Fran, a lawyer, was concerned her daughter was not gaining enough weight and had been searching for lactation cookies to help with milk production. It was a lightbulb moment! Jo and Fran’s stars aligned and they concocted a business plan to make healthy, naturopath-endorsed lactation cookies.

Many days were spent at each other’s houses, baking, eating and chatting over cookies.  After much recipe trial and error and testing out their baked goodies on local mums, Franjo’s Kitchen was born.

Fran is now mum to Pheobe and Matilda while Jo is mum to Matilda and twins, Charles and Florence. While their kids will always be their greatest achievement, Fran and Jo are incredibly proud of the thriving business they’ve created. They are proof that if women work together to support other women, sensational things can happen.

Franjo’s Kitchen is now an international brand that started with two flavours of breastfeeding biscuits and has now expanded to a delicious and functional product range that supports every stage of life – from pregnancy and breastfeeding to toddlerhood and beyond.

Their belief is simple, that food should taste great and be full of natural ingredients that work with your body, not against it. It’s also incredibly important, and that’s why you’ll never see any additives, preservatives or refined sugar in their products.

Franjo’s uses only the best quality ingredients to help you live your best life. Their aim is to enhance the experience of motherhood by creating natural, nourishing and functional food.

With a gorgeous range presented in sturdy pastel coloured tubs, with names like Tanker Topper and Belly Bump, the flavour options will have you wanting more. From Ginger and Apricot and Vanilla and Chia to the all-time favourite Choc Chip, it’s a perfect combination of healthy treats for any mama or mama to be.

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Delicious lactation cookies and raw ingredients
September 15, 2020

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