Supplier Spotlight - Pippa's Kitchen

Written by Katie Speirs

The philosophy to food and healthy eating at Pippa’s Kitchen, has always been about enjoying everything you eat in a balanced way.

“Time pressures cause people to eat whatever is available, wherever they are, which contributes to their view that food is necessary, not something to be enjoyed.” Pippa & James – Chefs/Co-Founders.

Pippa met her soul mate James at St Kilda’s award winning Donovans restaurant in 2009. It was here where they excelled in the kitchen whilst both completing their chef’s apprenticeship. Their success at Donovans coupled with immense passion and drive, ultimately served as a springboard to a world-wide culinary journey. After landing in demanding inner London, they found themselves working their magic at Michelin star level and rubbing shoulders with highly celebrated international chefs such as chef Angela Harnett (protégé of Chef Gordan Ramsay).

After returning to Australia, Pippa and James strengthened their culinary expertise at some of the most iconic restaurants in Melbourne such as Van Haandel’s ‘Fatto’ Bar and Cantina and ‘The Botanical’ South Yarra.

It was time for Pippa and James to share their passion with a wider audience. With a desire to show people that food and eating is one of life’s greatest joys, they created Pippa’s Kitchen. At Pippa’s Kitchen they would bring their delicious hand-crafted meals to the suburbs.

It’s a love for food story. “By using quality ingredients and cooking small, fresh batches – we can provide our customers with quick and delicious, healthy meals”.

Pippa’s Kitchen believe in using the best available ingredients to create the highest quality meal. They also choose local produce to support the Victorian farmers and growers. Organic and Free Range Beef, Pork and Lamb from Cherry Tree Organics (Sth Gippsland), and RSPCA approved chicken (Happy Chickens from Hazeldenes), are among some of the fine ingredients you will find at Pippa’s Kitchen. The result? Satisfying and healthy meals, delivered!

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September 3, 2020

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